24 December 2012

Wishy Washy

 End of the year, tired, not sure if I run or I ride. New shoes, running feels good again. Back on the bike,  knee feels good. Do I run or do I ride.

 This time of year is always a pain for me, deciding on what races to do. Or should I even do any races. 50k's?, endurance MTB?, cross country with the kids?, duathlons? Makes me wonder, can I still enjoy being active without the competition? 

 Iv'e been lucky lately, and was offered a spot on a new road cycling team (Cherry Street Cycles) so that helped me choose some cycling events. And this team will afford me the time to race some mountain bike races with the kids as well.

 I think I will still run my normal amount of running. Maybe sneak in a race. Maybe not. A duathlon would be real fun. But there will probably be a road race or MTB race on the same day. If the kids want to race, I think that would be the big decider. 

 I could just become a triathlete?....Then I would need a new bike....No, I don't think I could hang out with a bunch of people who use the word bike as a verb.


  [wish-ee-wosh-ee, -waw-shee]  Show IPA
lacking in decisiveness; without strength or character; irresolute.
washy or watery, as a liquid; thin and weak.
1685–95;  gradational compound based on washy


30 November 2012

My new favorite video

 There are four different riders on this video. The first guy has skills, the second guy is "haulin it", the third guy is sick (Thomas & my favorite), and the fourth is...well he's riding "The Full Nelson". 


21 November 2012

No taxation without representation

Many of us love this oleaginous spread, and the price in middle Georgia seems to be rising do to its popularity. But the French have gone to far. They are moving for a tax on palm and coconut oils. Which forms much of this hazelnut/cocoa wonderfulness. The French media is calling this  le taxe Nutella....Nutella tax. Just think, what if we were taxed on this, and maltodextrin (Gu, Shot Bloks, sports drinks). What would we as endurance athlete's eat? We would have to eat like we did years ago. Pastries, cookies, PB&J's. And dare I say....Fruit! 

 Well until this happens, eat up! 
And Thanks Mr. Pietro Ferrero for your "Supercrema gianduja"...Later